It has been many years since I wrote something on my last blog. Infact, I deactivated it after getting busy at Multidots. I was thrilled to find some of the past blogs in .

With our mission of “Serving People, Solving Problems” at Multidots, I thought to resume my blog with this new short domain at

What is coming up?

During my professional career of more than a decade now, I have played many roles as a Developer, Solution Architect, Project Manager, CTO, COO. I have been wearing different hats as per the need.

On this blog I plan to share most of my learnings which can help others like:

  • My experience with Team management
  • Learnings on Project Management
  • My own thoughts on Self-help
  • Thoughts about WordPress
  • and much more…..

ok, but what is “The Introspective Techie” ?

While thinking about starting the blog, I thought of giving it a name and surprisingly I came up with this name. And I believe it reflects a lot about me. Stay tuned for future posts to know more about this :).

And yes, this post is straight from the Block Editor – Gutenberg!

Published by Aslam Multani

Aslam is Co-Founder and COO at Multidots Inc. Multidots is premium WordPress agency focusing to serve enterprises. Over a decade of time span, Aslam has experience working with many enterprise customers and providing WordPress based solutions. With team of over 100+ developers Aslam has experience working with large development teams.

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